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Piccadilly Street Boutique & Special Tea, Co.

Join us in welcoming Piccadilly Street Boutique and Special Tea, Co. to the #ShopMilitary movement.

Piccadilly Street Boutique was founded by Elaine Sharpe, a Midwest farm girl and proud Army wife. After 6 years, 3 states and 4 moves across the U.S. with the Army for her husband's career; Elaine decided to take the leap and fulfill her dream of opening a women's clothing boutique.

Trista Laborn's love for tea all started in the 3rd grade in Bronx, NY. Sharing with her class friends, the AWESOMENESS of tea, and "biscuits" (which were cookies).

Today, Marine spouse Trista handcrafts and showcases loose leaf tea's without the natural or Artificial flavorings.

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