Connect your business with your personal story of entrepreneurship,

your story of resilience!


The public wants it, and we want to help you capture and share it! 

  • Before your decision to start a business, what struggles did you face with unemployment or underemployment? Walk us through your “resume” – your education and career history. How did these experiences prepare you for entrepreneurship? 


  • Tell us about the specific aha moment or tipping point when you decided to take the leap in becoming a small business owner.


  • What obstacles have you overcome as a military spouse small business owner? How do you think these obstacles and your struggle to overcome them are reflected in your product or service?


  • How has owning your own business affected the way you support your family and your service member? 


  • What would help you succeed, to boost your business to the next level? How can the public support you? How can the military spouse small business owner community support you?

What #ShopMilitary would like to know about you

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