Passionate about supporting the troops?

#ShopMilitary makes it easy.

On the other side of this website, hardworking military spouse and veteran entrepreneurs are signing up to be seen on #ShopMilitary at no cost to them.


Our support should not come with a price tag.

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Now, learn WHY #ShopMilitary is important.


This might surprise you

 Military spouses have the highest rates of unemployment and the most difficulty finding meaningful work. But, that’s just the beginning.  According to the US Chamber of Commerce:



"Unemployment and underemployment are significant challenges for most military spouses. 

Many are in part time or seasonal positions when they would rather have full time, permanent work.

Military spouses with degrees face the greatest challenges in nearly every measurable employment category. 

Moves between duty stations play havoc on careers. Not only do most military spouses have to quit jobs when they move, they also face long periods of unemployment after the move. 

Like most American families, military families need two incomes, and it’s much harder for them to get them. 

The lack of employment creates stress and impacts a family's decision to stay in, or leave the military. And these are factors that ultimately hurt military readiness, retention, and recruiting." 


Who knew?

Well now, you do.


So, we thought we should do something about it. And it’s easy for you to get involved.


Lauren Hope is a military spouse/entrepreneur. Through her experiences she learned that spouse and veteran businesses don’t really compete with one another as much as they help one another. And they work tirelessly, and relentlessly to support their families.


But, as small businesses it’s difficult for them to get the word out to all the patriotic civilians who would love to support them, if they only knew where to look.


So Lauren started #ShopMilitary to do just that.

It's really very simple:

Whenever you’re shopping, just take a look at #ShopMilitary and see all military spouse and veteran entrepreneurs have to offer. 


There are no added fees for purchasing through #ShopMilitary. #ShopMilitary doesn’t “take a cut.” All of our links go straight to our entrepreneurs’ websites. It’s just a way to get all of the military community all together in one place.


It’s not a charity. It’s a place to shop that supports--directly supports--military families.

And that’s much better than a yard sign.

Action Plan: 5 steps to

support #ShopMilitary